Friday, September 18, 2015

Antec H20 650 Cooling Kit KUHLER 650 Black, Great Cooling and Fairly Easy Install in my opinion

The previous week. I'm looking for information on the Antec H20 650 Cooling Kit KUHLER 650 Black, so i have to tell.

This is a decent performer in a small package. I have this cooler for use in my case BitFenix Pandora because it has limited space.. I met an immediate problem, the fan only blows through the radiator, so it can be mounted only as exhaust gases. This works in most cases, but not the Pandora. due to the limited Assembly positions (due to its size) was not able to use this without any modifications.. I've done. I was able to remove the fan and rewire to allow me to add my fan and place the fan on the other side of the radiator, so now would work as a recruitment! (See test pattern only pic-not using the correct fan-)-so now with a correct fan static pressure, good job. obviously a rad 240 would work better, but this little cooler works well for my situation. -1 Why cant change star/fan back.

Antec H20 650 Cooling Kit KUHLER 650 Black

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