Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review , Perfect balance between quiet performance, cooling capabilities, and future expansion.

A couple of days ago. I search for information on the Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 Gigantic Tower Case Fits HPTX Motherboard, Large, so i have to tell.

as the title says, if you are thinking about this case, you are looking for quiet performance, cooling capacity, and space for any future expansion needs-look no further, this is one. There is a serious lack of cases like this. I think that Corsair has a case with noise damping material but doesn't look nearly as sharp as this one. really the only contender for this class of case is the series of Fractal Design Define, among other things, I returned my Fractal Design Define XL to get this one. I had no problems with it and it's a good case, I just saw the greatest potential with this. Pros: 1. can perform silently as you like it (obviously depending on settings). 2. aesthetics. This is subjective but the sober, minimalist looks at this case looks strong at home or in a professional work environment. 3. cooling capacity. I have eleven 140 mm fans and an air of high end CPU cooler running this beast with plenty of room left for a custom water loop if ever that time. 4. expansion. seriously there is no need to ever get another case. disadvantages: 1. Heavy. It's not really a scam for me at all, but might be for you. just be prepared. 2. No SSD brackets. There is plenty of room in the back for two bands of SSD. 3. hard drive cage is modular as the define XL. compared to Fractal Design Define XL, this case is over 100 dollars more. in my opinion it is worth. is one of the best cases out there. in my opinion, the only time above this (at least in the consumer world) is the Corsair 900 d. Another thing! I read in previous reviews that out of the box header cables were routed directly through the hard drive cage and they had to redirect their. mine came out of the box with the header correctly routed cables. I don't know if you heard about Nanoxia or maybe they just routed cables was having a bad day.

Nanoxia Deep Silence 6 Gigantic Tower

Color:Black  |  Style:DS6 Gigantic Big Tower With the Deep Silence 6, we present a truly gigantic HPTX case of the next generation of silent PC cases. As both the Deep Silence 1 and Deep Silence 2 were able to impress testers all over the world and were presented with lots of awards, we now offer you a gigantic Big Tower. The enormous case offers not only lots of space for .... Read more or Check Price

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