Monday, September 14, 2015

Review Lightobject EWP-DC30A1230 Mini DC Brushless, use it on my overclocked computer

A few days ago. I search for information on the Lightobject EWP-DC30A1230 Mini DC Brushless Submersible Water Pump, Ideal, so i would like to bring a story to tell.

I bought a pair in a heater core in a car for a couple of computer fans (3.5 ", 45 CFM, 0.25 each) to make a low power requirement" air conditioner "for my boat. It oughtta be nice for when his 100 days out, we'll see. (its winter, drill 2 holes in the bottom of the hull of a boat is perfectly normal, right?) Hopefully if the water temperature is 65-70, it'll be blowing 5-10 degrees warmer than that, 70-80 is a lot nicer than 100. It would be a lot of action for less than 1 amp worth of battery discharge rate, and the entire project will cost $ 50 aint materials. (as friends say "gee why don't ya just jump?", of course I'm nutty enough to use only more options.) When I tried the pump threw a 15-16 "high water flow vertically without any border or piping support, what a mess, and so what.. I think this would be great for filling unit-draining-a livewell too, it'll throw about a gallon a minute, that oughtta be sufficient for the application as that, and draws near nada to power it. his vote for some 20,000 hours of use, means "forever!" to my application here. a small pump as this could be used in so many ways. ** update ** the Lake temperature low power "air conditioner" is a success, the other as a pump boat livewell too. as a livewell pump it takes around 8-9 minutes to fill it, but the use of low energy for constant circulation is quite nice when its full of fish. these pumps scream if they take an air bubble to run dry, they need to be submerged (or inside and below the waterline). taking "AC" grabbing on a leaf is off only a few seconds for the leaf to fall, it happened a couple of times but not any sort of real problem. a change in shape for her maybe.

Lightobject EWP-DC30A1230 Mini DC Brushless

This is a quality made mini submersible water pump. It can be inclined or submersed for water pumping. It's built by a brushless motor to provide a smoother and quieter operation than a brush water pump. Also, it will not generate an 'electric spark' like what a brush type does, so it's safer (no gasoline*). Specification Power: DC12V Output: 3.6L/m or 57GPH @12V Vertical lift: .... Read more or Check Price

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